. .Imagine Dr. Seuss, Willy Wonka, Dumbledore, James Bond, and Yoda joined together and opened up a camp that teaches children magic. That doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible antics that two magicians, Josh Corn & Ilan, have put together into their Camp Cigma. With Dr. Lydia Corn at the reins keeping the two big children on track, the three of them have created a unique environment where children learn magic, explore their creativity through performance art, and create havoc through the many original games and activities the two magicians have masterminded.

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Note from the Directors

To All of our former campers and those interested,

We are sorry to not be able to bring to you the magic of Camp Cigma in this upcoming summer season. We took a long time to consider our decision, especially in the wake of the big success we had last summer. Josh graduated from Penn and got an incredible job in Chicago that takes up much of his spare time. Ilan has started working diligently on a brand new show and Lydia is working hard to continue being the Engineer of Dreams in all aspects of life.

With these other pursuits taking up much of our time, we decided we would not be able to achieve the high level of quality that our camp offered. Therefore, we felt it would be better to end in high spirits after our incredible 2010 summer. In the next few months we still plan on adding highlights (some never seen before) from the past few years for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for all your support over the years and remember, magic is about surprises, so there is no telling what the future may bring.

Your Family at Camp Cigma,

Ilan, Josh, and Lydia




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